3 Surprising Ways to Feel Amazing, Even During a Pandemic

3 Surprising Ways to Feel Amazing, Even During a Pandemic

Published by Lisa Walker of & stacie on Dec 16th 2020

If you’re like most people, the pandemic has left you feeling worried and stressed. 

This means you may not be feeling like yourself right now — maybe even for months now! But you don’t have to let anxieties and uncertainties keep you from embracing life. You also don’t have to settle for anything less than feeling your best. You just need to find simple ways to boost your mood, health, and senses of optimism. Some may even be surprising, including these helpful pandemic self-care tips from Naughton Braun.

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Turn Your Home into a Retreat From Stress

Remember when everyone was discovering the joys of de-cluttering? Well, it turns out that they were onto something! Research shows that organizing and tidying up your home can help get rid of stress and other forms of negative energy. Fix your feng shui!

Need a few more ways to refresh your space in lock-down? If weather permits, you can open some windows and let fresh air in, or you can try smudging your home with calming herbs. You can also use the downtime to work on a few DIY home improvement projects, like getting your bathroom in order.

If you’re having trouble sleeping lately, like many during the pandemic, you may also want to give your bedroom some extra attention. You can try simple improvements, like changing your sheets and fluffing up your pillows more often, or you can invest in a better mattress.

Lift Your Mood With Retail Therapy

Feeling down or stressed lately? If the answer is “yes,” you could benefit from a little retail therapy. Although stress-shopping can get a bad rap, studies show that indulging every once in a while can have a positive impact on your mood. During stressful times like this, such effects can be more powerful.

While online shopping is highly encouraged (to a certain degree), there are also expert-backed precautions you can take to keep yourself physically safe in stores. Try to shop early and during non-peak hours to avoid crowds, and take advantage of contact-less payment options when possible. And when out and about, always wear a mask!

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Take Your Morning Cup of Coffee Outside

You know that too much sun can lead to premature aging and even skin cancer. But did you know that too little sunlight can have negative effects too? That’s right, you’re more like a plant than you think, and your body needs a healthy dose of the sun’s rays to stay healthy. Think Vitamin D!

Spending a little more time outdoors has other benefits for your health and well-being too. You’re likely to find it easier to focus and you may even begin to feel more hopeful. If you prefer to stick closer to home, the good news is that you can get these perks in your own backyard. Try taking your morning coffee outside for just the right amounts of fresh air and sunlight.

If you feel up to it, you can also double those benefits by exercising outside. Exercise is also a powerful mood-booster, and there are some simple ways to keep yourself safe when working out outdoors. Like shopping, try to get out early to beat the rush and practice social-distancing when possible. You can also wear a face mask for added protection.

When the world hands you uncertainty, you have to find ways to keep on living and make the best out of things.

That’s why it’s helpful to have a few self-care tricks in your toolbox — to help you get through these hard times, whether you’re staying home or heading out safely.

If you think of anything else that you find helps you during these time, DM us! We'll include your thoughts in this blog :)

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