6 Tips on How to Travel with Pearls in 2022: When Hopefully We're Living in a Post-COVID World

6 Tips on How to Travel with Pearls in 2022: When Hopefully We're Living in a Post-COVID World

Published by stacie on Sep 8th 2020

6 Pearl Traveling Tips

Many of you don't know this, but I also wear another hat, and pearls. In my day life I'm a Public Health Scientist who trained at Johns Hopkins University. I currently spend lots of time in ZOOM meetings and over the past many months dealing with back-to-work and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) issues associated with COVID-19. Surprised? Don't be.

So while science is a bedrock in my life, my heart belongs to pearls and travel, the foundation of Naughton Braun.

My COVID-19 activities include return-to-work and PPE issues which dominate my days, but pearls and return-to-travel musings invigorate my evenings and weekends! Like many of you, our travel has been at a standstill and I can say that missing our families wedding in Yosemite this summer was downright heartbreaking, as well as the two planned pearl travel photo-shoots which were delegated to the oyster shell pile of history....

But, being a half-full kind of girl I'm looking forward to 2021! I'm planning amazing adventures, near and far, once the vaccine to end this international nightmare becomes widely available, as well as packing up the new pearls for on-site photos, good wine, and hugs.

I miss hugs.

So before the 2020 COVID-19 upheaval happened, friends and interested people would always ask how we travel with the pearls for photo-shoots; you know, keeping the jewelry in pristine condition, free of knots and scratches, getting them through customs, dealing with inclement weather, and packing the pearls.

So with out further adieu, here are my 6 pearl traveling tips:

1. Pearls scratch easily, so when you travel they need some cushion to keep from rubbing against themselves or even worse, other jewelry. When considering what to use as a cushion, consider your scarves for lariat or long necklaces and your silken undies for smaller necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. I don't recommend socks.

2. Once you've wrapped up the individual necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, they need to be packaged in a soft pouch that you will add to your carry-on. We never recommend putting any jewelry in your checked luggage. The pouch that we provide with every Naughton Braun purchase can accommodate several pieces of pearl or other jewelry. In addition, our free velvet pouch is water resistant and closes tightly via the double pull ties assuring security if your pouch falls out or is removed during a TSA check.

3. We also recommend taking along cell phone copies of your Naughton Braun purchase receipts, as well as actual pictures of the pearls you are traveling with, so that there is never a customs issue. Although this has never happened to us, we have had a few cases where our customers were traveling internationally and ended up contacting us via WhatsApp, frantically requesting copies of their purchase receipts so that their pearl necklaces were not confiscated by customs. Can you even imagine how stressful that must have been? 

4. So now you have arrived at the holiday you have been dreaming about. We always recommend that you utilize a safe, either in your room or at the concierge to safely store your pearls while on holiday, again keeping them wrapped securely until you are ready to wear them. And please, never leave in a hot, tropical sunny window because pearls really hate to be cooked! Or frozen.

5. And so that brings me to where to wear your pearls. I know Instagram always shows Women on the beach frolicking in their pearls. And while the pearls came from the sea, they are more happy on dry, salt-free land and the same goes for chlorine or salt water pools. So is it absolutely forbidden? No, but after that picture perfect pearl moment passes, you might just want to bring out that ever faithful bottle of Dasani, or if you're like me (my ever-faithful stainless filter water bottle) and rinse your pearls before continuing with your adventures.

Remember I mentioned the pouch, the free velvet one? 

It's really soft and versatile and it comes free with every necklace or bracelet purchase from us. So fill it with your favorites and happy travel planning!

A filled pouch from a Customer who won't leave home with her pearls!

Finally our colleagues at Money have published an interesting article with tips regarding travel insurance. At Naughton Braun we always recommend having your pearls appraised in case of loss and we also recommend travel insurance in these uncertain times. Their article, Best Travel Insurance of 2020, outlines the real benefits of insurance especially related to unexpected medical expenses. Check it out and be safe out there!

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