LBD&PEARLS:  Are Pearls Passé?

LBD&PEARLS: Are Pearls Passé?

Published by Stacie on Sep 11th 2017


Are pearls passé?

Do I really need a LBD?

And if I have a LBD, how do I know what to wear with it?

Figure 1. Naughton Braun Polyvore

We think Mr Lagerfeld nailed it!

It started with a simple sketch……………..

Figure 2. Chanel in her LBD. Sketch by Karl Lagerfeld Photo from

In the beginning there was one Lady who knew her style was On-Point!

From sketch to a hundred years of glamour, the Little Black Dress (aka LBD) is totally ubiquitous, practical, enchanting, stylish, elegant, unassuming, and feminine. Who knew a simple sketch could be so powerful with such an enduring legacy! And we think it looks best, as originally envisioned, WITH PEARLS!

Although Coco Chanel in 1926 made the LBD part of the fashion vernacular (Di Donato, 2015), the concept was around previously, but wearing black for anything but mourning was considered scandalous! Indeed during Victorian times, a widow was expected to wear black for at least two years (Sowa 2013).

Figure 3. Coco Chanel in her LBD with ropes and ropes of pearls (Sowa 2013).

Fast forward ~100 years

and the LBD, the moniker recognized by the Oxford Dictionary in 2010 ( Mannix & Zhang, 2016) has become a staple from casual to work to formal wear for Women around the globe. And even today, most Women prefer pearls as the adornment of choice, whether simple studs or drop earrings, to chokers, princess, matinee, opera and lariat length pearl necklaces, as well as single or multiples in bracelets and rings. Today we will share a bit of LBD history and give our take on re-imagined pearl necklaces that are good matches with different styles of the LBD.

So it started out as a black crêpe de Chine sheath with elegant simple long sleeves worn with a traditional strand of white perfect pearls and Vogue predicted it would become a uniform of all Women “with taste” ( “It’s true that the LBD is a statement piece accessible to women of all socioeconomic backgrounds. As we chart the decades, designers have used the LBD to help carve their niche: Dior in the 1950s, Givenchy in the 1960s, Vivienne Westwood in the 1970s, Azzedine Alaïa in the 1980s, Yohji Yamamoto in the 1990s and so on (Di Donato, 2015)”.

But like the designers themselves, the LBD evolved with each and every new decade.

Economic and social circumstances influenced the size, shape, and overall character of the LDB due toavailability of certain types of fabrics, economic constraints like textile rationing (WW II), freedom of social inhibition (mod mini dresses), social movements and trends (grunge and big shoulders/sequins before it).

The evolution of transformation of this spectacular style has continued and can be seen in Figure 4 documented via photos.

The next Figure (5) is a cute reminder of various LBD silhouettes seen in the previous figure, many of which are still trending today! The boxed dresses are important to this blog, but more about that later! Figures 6 and 7 are composite images of recent Google searches for the LBD so that you get an idea of the fantastic array of choices available right now!

Figure 4. Photos from: Little Black Dress LDB and Pearls ( and History of the Little Black Dress (

Which one is your favorite? Mine is the "revenge-dress", guess which one that is!

Figure 5. LBD profiles. From the BBC ( and Classy Girls Wear Pearls (

So many to choose from, but Every Single Neckline WORKS with Pearls!

Figure 6. Google image search for LBD (18 August 2017)

Figure 7. Google image search for LBD (18 August 2017)

Day or evening, black works!

So what are we looking for when accessorizing your favorite LBD?

Simple, a canvas where you and your accessories sparkle and shine!

Janna Doan (2014) elegantly summarizes the qualities any Woman should consider when purchasing a LBD: “find something that is fitted vs. too tight and remember, if you think it’s too tight... it probably is. The dress should be worn effortlessly without having to adjust it all night.” She also recommends to “go for a dress with a comfortable length vs. short dresses and the perfect black dress has a flattering neckline and is not too low cut or too revealing.”

Well we couldn’t agree more!

The LBD for Day and the LBD for Evening:

In order to frame our Naughton Braun re-imagined pearl necklaces, we have chosen two different LBD styles; one more casual and contemporary, perfectly suited for a work into evening transition as well as a silky ensemble for that date night, wedding, or other special occasion.

The contemporary casual LBD is a J Crew cotton crepe de chine with a frilled, open neckline, perfect for showcasing stunning pearls.And the date night/special occasion LBD is an Ann Taylor silk V-neck dress with a slimming waist cinching cross. Outlines of the styles are encapsulated in the boxes in Figure 5, casual on the left and V-neck on the right of the composite photo.

For the casual J Crew LBD, our model wore four different Naughton Braun pearl necklaces: Figures 8 -10, Copacabana Promenade II - Pearl Necklace with Onyx (shorter princess length) with Copacabana Promenade I - Pearl Necklace Accented with Onyx (lariat or rope length), Figure 9, White Cliffs – Pearl Necklace, a cache of coin pearls nestled amid 5 strands of seed, keshi, stick, and freshwater pearls, and Figure 10, the triple strand Boulder Brook - Pearl Necklace Accented with Stones featuring white and charcoal freshwater potato pearls 8-9mm interspersed with crystal quartz, moonstone, agate, & jade.

All four of these necklaces make a different statement, bold and energetic, flirty and fun, rich and romantic, to earthy and edgy!

What’s your favorite? How about all four!

Figure 8. Copacabana Promenade II - Pearl Necklace with Onyx (shorter princess length) with Copacabana Promenade I - Pearl Necklace Accented with Onyx (lariat length)

Figure 9, White Cliffs – Pearl Necklace, a cache of coin pearls nestled amid 5 strands of seed, keshi, stick, and freshwater pearls

Figure 10, the triple strand Boulder Brook - Pearl Necklace Accented with Stones featuring white and charcoal freshwater potato pearls 8-9mm interspersed with crystal quartz, moonstone, agate, & jade

Transitioning to the evening and a more formal LBD requires pearls that evoke a sensual feel~

maybe some mysticism, and definitely something truly classy. Our Ann Taylor LBD pairs perfectly with these four pearl necklace choices so as the suns sets, Naughton Braun pearls still shine! 

You can be a reflection of refined mystery with a royal edge!


Want a necklace that just drapes and enhances your décolleté with lustrous pearls that reflect candlelight?

Then you want the Roma - Pearl Necklace, a biawa freshwater pearl cascade.

And since pearls warm to the touch, these extra-large biawa pearls (12-14mm) will caress your skin like a gentle lovers touch (Figure 11).


For a refined and elegant statement, consider the Odette Anthology* - Pearl Necklace available in Gold-tone, Silver-tone, or Rose-Gold-tone. The Rose-Gold-tone version in the photo (Figure 11) is reminiscent of the fabulous millennial pink that Glossier and many other brands are showcasing and is so trending. The large white potato pearls (13-14mm) are wonderfully textured, each pearl different and unique, creating a confluence of lustre and sparkle from the CZ encrusted delicate swan pendant.


Some nights may call for subtle mystery, and evoking the Queen of Chthonic, this beguiling Naughton Braun six strand black freshwater pearl carcanet, will whisk you off your feet. The princess length Persephone - Pearl Necklace Figure 12), featuring gradient-hued black freshwater pearls (10.5-13mm), looks impressive and feels likea million bucks! Everyone who puts it on for the first and EVERY time comments on their complete awe at the lightness of the pearls and the subtle color gradient which enhances not only black, but every other color in your wardrobe.


Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t extol the virtues of The Monaco Trove*- Pearl Necklace, shown in gray (Figure 13). This elegant princess length necklace was designed in homage to Princess Grace, and just as her Facebook page describes her: “Many words have been used to describe Grace Kelly/Princess Grace but ultimately there is only one word for her: "Indefinable"”; this description defines our necklace. It is available in gray (shown), royal blue, rose, and frost (all white). In addition to gracing this LBD, it is a favorite of Brides for all types of wedding gowns (Figure 14), with a most wonderful drape and added feature of an attached jump chain which can extend the necklace length from princess (18”) to matinee length (20”). While true grace is never easy to pull-off, this truly affordable luxury will sure add to your allure and outside perception of your grace!

Figure 11. Roma - Pearl Necklace, features double strand of mixed metal gold-tone chain and biawa freshwater pearls (12-14mm) and a 5” long biawa freshwater pearl cascade

Figure 12. Odette Anthology* - Pearl Necklace featured in Rose-Gold-tone, large white potato pearls (13-14mm) with 7cm CZ (Gold-tone, Silver-tone, or Rose-Gold-tone) colored swan pendant with extra-large biawa (18-19mm) pendant

Figure 13. Persephone - Pearl Necklace, 6-strands of gradient-hued black freshwater pearls (10.5-13mm)

Figure 14. The Monaco Trove*- Pearl Necklace in gray, features a double strand white (7-8mm) freshwater pearls, gray (8-9mm) freshwater pearls, separated by stainless steel and clear colored CZ spacers on a Sterling silver clasp

Figure 15. The Monaco Trove*- Pearl Necklace in rose, features a double strand white (7-8mm) freshwater pearls, pink (8-9mm) freshwater pearls, separated by stainless steel and rose colored CZ spacers on a Sterling silver clasp

So we hope you enjoyed our little foray into accessorizing your LBD.

What’s next? Go get your LBD out of your closet, put it on, and imagine which pearl necklace would work best on you!

Are pearls passe???  Runway looks don't lie and pearls are everywhere.... Where are yours?

Any questions, we’re here to help! Send us a photo of you in your LBD to and our helpful stylists will be so happy to make some suggestions for the most perfect pearls for you! OR, if you need some help finding a new LBD, W By Worth offers several exciting options as shown in Figure 15 and you can reach out to our wonderful friend, Janet Brandt Majev ( who can help style you in these looks pronto!

Figure 16. W By Worth LBD selections.

Thank you for reading our thoughts on the history and styling of a LBD!

Stacie and Bernadette

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